Plyo Velocity Calculator

Learn where you stand

Never thrown plyos before? Plug in your mound velocity and see how hard you should be throwing plyos. Thrown plyos before, and looking for your next edge? Use the calculator to see if you should use our expanded set for an overload or underload training phase.

Intended Zone Tracker

Start Tracking Command to Improve It

What gets measured gets managed. Learn how good pitchers are at hitting their spots on a per pitch basis. Use the information in bullpens in order to track improvement.
Intended Zone Tracker

Pitch Movement & Spin Visualizations

Gain a Better Understanding of Pitch Movement

Use our five spin & pitch visualization tools to see how small changes effect spin and movement. The five tools are: Spin Visualization, Spin Transition, Spin Comparison, Spin Efficiency, Pitch Visualization
Pitch Visualization

Contact Tracker

Track How Good Hitters are at Making Contact

Create a lineup and see how good players are at making solid contact by measuring how often the put a ball in play, whiff, or foul a ball off.

MyJumpApp Report

Low Cost, Low Tech Jump Assessment

Learn how you stack up to athletes we've seen in gym using the MyJumpApp .

Course curriculum

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    • Plyo Care Velocity Calculator

    • PlyoCare Velocity Calculator How To

    • Intended Zone Tracker

    • Spin Visualization How-To

    • Spin Visualization

    • Spin Transition How-To

    • Spin Transition

    • Spin Comparison How-To

    • Spin Comparison

    • Spin Efficiency Proxy How-To

    • Spin Efficiency Proxy

    • Pitch Visualization How-To

    • Pitch Visualization

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    • Contact Tracker How-To

    • Contact Tracker

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    • MyJumpApp Report