Intended Zone Tracker

Start Tracking Command to Improve It

What gets measured gets managed. Learn how good pitchers are at hitting their spots on a per pitch basis. Use the information in bullpens in order to track improvement.
Intended Zone Tracker

Pitch Movement & Spin Visualizations

Gain a Better Understanding of Pitch Movement

Use our five spin & pitch visualization tools to see how small changes effect spin and movement. The five tools are: Spin Visualization, Spin Transition, Spin Comparison, Spin Efficiency, Pitch Visualization
Pitch Visualization

Contact Tracker

Track How Good Hitters are at Making Contact

Create a lineup and see how good players are at making solid contact by measuring how often the put a ball in play, whiff, or foul a ball off.

MyJumpApp Report

Low Cost, Low Tech Jump Assessment

Learn how you stack up to athletes we've seen in gym using the MyJumpApp .

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Intended Zone Tracker

    • Spin Visualization How-To

    • Spin Visualization

    • Spin Transition How-To

    • Spin Transition

    • Spin Comparison How-To

    • Spin Comparison

    • Spin Efficiency Proxy How-To

    • Spin Efficiency Proxy

    • Pitch Visualization How-To

    • Pitch Visualization

  2. 2
    • Contact Tracker How-To

    • Contact Tracker

  3. 3
    • MyJumpApp Report