What's In HTKC - Hitting?

At Driveline, we have collected thousands and thousands of data points over the years with various technologies to truly understand everything we can in regard to developing hitters. We have a world class biomechanics lab and a multi-cage setup rich with tracking technology. We’ve collected data on hundreds of professional hitters and worked with many MLB hitters, including multiple All- Stars and MVPs. With that info, we have created a system for developing hitters that is doable for you, whether you coach a professional team, a high school team, a facility, or yourself. That is what this book is for. By the end, the reader will understand:

  • Sport science and motor learning as it pertains to hitting
  • In- depth swing biomechanics
  • “The Big 3:” the system used by Driveline Baseball and MLB organizations to systematize the development of their hitters
  • The drills and hitting tools used to see results
  • General programming as well as programming for a variety of development focus areas

Course curriculum

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    • Quick Note on Early Access

    • Hacking the Kinetic Chain - Hitting