What's Inside

In this course you’ll learn the ins and outs of the different training implements we use with hitters at Driveline—and why they work. The course covers everything from hitting plyos to overload, underload, long and short bats. If you have questions or are not sure how to use any of these training tools, then this is the course for you. 

Key Lessons 

  • Overload and underload training 

  • The what and why behind long and short bats 

  • The importance of hitting plyos 

  • How to properly measure exit velocity with only a radar gun 

This mini-course will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to effectively use each of the training tools to expedite the development of your hitters. With the knowledge acquired upon completion, as well as the suggested drills, it will be easy to make these tools actionable for players and coaches at all levels. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Weighted Bats

    • Overload-Underload Training - (05:04)

    • Overload & Underload Training Quiz

    • The Why of Overload Bat Training - (01:50)

    • The Why of Underload Bat Training - (02:08)

    • The Why of Underload & Overload Training Quiz

    • Drills with the Endload Bat - (01:48)

    • Drills with the Underload Bat - (02:19)

    • Drills with the Handleload Bat - (02:42)

    • Drills With Under and Overload Bats

    • Seasonal Weighted Bat Training - (07:18)

    • Seasonal Weighted Bat Quiz

  • 2

    Short bat, Long bat and Hitting Plyos

    • The Why Behind the Short Bat - (02:33)

    • Short Bat Drills - (04:50)

    • Short Bat Quiz

    • Best Uses for Long and Short Bats - (07:52)

    • Long Trainer Benefits - (02:57)

    • Long Trainer Quiz

    • Best uses for Mini Hitting Plyos - (01:59)

    • Trainer Roundtable on Hitting Plyo Drills - (07:28)

    • Mini Plyo Drills - (02:20)

    • Mini Plyo Quiz