What's Inside

Interested in biomechanics and how they relate to the baseball swing? This six lesson mini-course introduces the basics of biomechanics and how they relate to hitting. We’ll introduce common swing characteristics and how they’re represented on biomech graphs, how to assess proper hip action, as well as how the different segments of the upper body work together throughout the swing. 

Key Lessons 

  • Introducing the sequencing graph 

  • Hip-shoulder separation and its role in the swing 

  • Upper body posture and its effect on the swing 

  • Pelvic angles and how they affect the swing 

Take your knowledge and understanding of the baseball swing to the next level.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    KVest Set-up

    • How to Set-Up a KVest - (05:48)

    • How to Set-up a KVest Quiz

  • 2

    Biomechanics of Hitting

    • Intro to the Sequencing Graph - (8:58)

    • Introduction to Sequencing Graph Quiz

    • Pelvis Angles Graph - (05:53)

    • Pelvis Angle Graph Quiz

    • Upper Body Angles Graph - (07:33)

    • Upper Body Angle Quiz

    • Pelvis Bend Graph - (07:03)

    • Pelvis Bend Graph Quiz

    • X-Factor Graph - (09:13)

    • X-Factor Graph Quiz

    • Common Swing Characteristics - (15:25)

    • Common Swing Characteristics Quiz