What's Inside

This course teaches coaches about effective programming over different times of the year and how to get the most out of batted ball reports. Coaches will learn the most important metrics and how to use an individual's batted ball report to develop and training plan and approach at the plate.

  • Learn how you can integrate the results of a batted ball report into a hitters development plan
  • Learn to identify hitters who struggle to hit the ball deep with drills that can help them improve
  • Learn how to identify how to help hitters who can't make contact out front
  • Learn what exit velocity and launch angle can tell you about a hitters ability to square the ball up to all fields
  • Learn a med ball warm-up that we use in-house
  • See how you can use batted ball data to develop a data-driven approach
  • Learn about our two main approach strategies and in-to-out approach and a top-down approach

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to effectively break down a hitter's batted ball data to address swing mechanics and common swing flaws quickly. You will learn how to take a hitter's batted ball report and create an individualized approach that will allow them to be more successful and productive hitters. 

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Medicine Balls and Hitting Mechanics - (06:11)

    • Hitting Med Ball Warm Up - (04:07)

    • Medicine Ball Quiz