What's Inside?

This course helps coaches understand how to better coach pitchers during pitch design to improve their arsenal and performance on the field.

  • Learn the best ways to set up different cameras and set up targets for pitches
  • Cover the basics of the pitch design process and how coaches can make better decisions
  • See how to read break plots per pitch type and make common adjustments based on common issues we see in gym

Coaches need to understand a player's strengths and weaknesses and how they can change their pitch shapes. Coaches need to know how to set up and use various technologies and communicate this information to the player to reach the next level. If not, you never truly know what players are leaving on the table and if they're one or two tweaks away from having a wipe-out breaking pitch. This mini-course is designed to give coaches the basic knowledge to identify and improve some of the low-hanging fruit that pitchers will have.

  • Learn how to adjust targets in PD based on pitch type
  • See how you can set up low to high tech cameras to
  • Understand why understanding a fastball's spin rate is important
  • See how you can help a player stop cutting their fastball
  • Look at ways you can adjust slider spin to help improve the movement profile
  • See how you can add more depth to a curveball
  • Learn how to read Rapsodo break plots per pitch type

After taking this course, coaches will better understand what's needed to change a player's arsenal.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Why Knowing a Fastball Spinrate is Important (Trainer Perspective) - (02:39)

    • Comparing 2 & 4 seam Fastballs - (01:46)

    • Fastball Spin Axis & Movement - (02:09)

    • Fastball Adjustments: Changing a Cut Fastball - (03:03)

    • Fastballs Quiz

  2. 2
    • Reading a Rapsodo Report - (06:11)

    • How to Read a Rapsodo Report: Fastballs - (05:26)

  3. 3
    • Pitch Type Spin Analysis: Fastball - (15:00)

  4. 4
    • Four-Seam Fastball Grips, Thumb Positions and Cues

    • Four-Seam Fastball Variations

    • Fastball Grips and Changing Spin Rate

    • FB Pitch Logic

  5. 5
    • How to Throw a Sinker _ Thumb Positions, Grips, and Cues _ Driveline Baseball

    • How to Identify Baseball Pitches_ Sinker _ The Difference Between Sinkers _ Driveline Baseball

    • Copy of Seam-Shifted Wakes

  6. 6
    • How to Identify Baseball Pitches_ Cutter _ The Difference Between Cutters _ Driveline Baseball

    • How to Throw a Cutter _ Thumb Positions, Grips, and Cues _ Driveline Baseball