What's Inside

This mini-course has two parts to it.

Part one is 'Pitching Mechanics and Biomechanics.'

In this course, we review the metrics that we use in our biomechanics report. These are standard metrics that you may see in other reports or if you use PitchAI. We review:

  • What each metric measures
  • Common coaching terms that may be used to describe the more technical terms
  • Where our hardest throwers fall in the metrics in our report

It includes chapters on: 

  • Arm Action Kinematic Positions
  • Mid-Section Kinematic Positions
  • Lower Body Kinematic Positions
  • Kinematic Velocities
  • Arm Joint Kinetics

In part 2, 'Basics of Biomechanics,' participants will learn about relevant research in baseball and how they can apply these findings to training and coaching pitchers. 

Key Lessons

  • What are biomechanics?
  • Full signal biomechanical analysis
  • Biomechanics of front leg blocking

By the end of this course, participants will have gained an understanding of how we gather biomechanics data at Driveline, insight into research surrounding biomechanics and workload within baseball, and how these findings can aid in the development of baseball players.

Learn How Energy Flows Through the Delivery

Learn the next level of biomechanics, learning how energy transfer's throughout the delivery. We take a specific look at the lower half and how energy transfer's through the front and bac leg.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to Pitching Biomechanics and Mechanics

    • Biomechanical Terms We'll Cover

    • Pitching Tasks and Phases We'll Cover

  2. 2
    • Elbow Flexion

    • Shoulder External Rotation

    • Shoulder Abduction

    • Shoulder Horizontal Abduction

    • Arm Action Kinematics Quiz

  3. 3
    • Forward Torso Tilt

    • Lateral Torso Tilt

    • Torso Rotation

    • Pelvis Rotation

    • Hip/Shoulder Separation

    • Mid-Section Kinematic Positions

  4. 4
    • Front Knee Flexion

    • Stride Length

    • Lower Body Kinematic Positions Quiz

  5. 5
    • Introduction to Kinematic Velocities

    • Lead Knee Extension Angular Velocity

    • Center of Gravity Velocity

    • Pelvis Rotation Angular Velocity

    • Torso Angular Velocity

    • Elbow Extension Angular Velocity

    • Shoulder Internal Rotation Angular Velocity

    • Kinematic Velocities Quiz

  6. 6
    • Introduction to Arm Joint Kinetics

    • Elbow Varus Moment

    • Shoulder Internal Rotation Moment

  7. 7
    • What Does the Biomechanics Lab Do? - (06:07)

    • What Does the Biomechanics Lab Do? Quiz

    • What Are Biomechanics? - (7:56)

    • What are Biomechanics? Quiz

    • What Are Kinetics? - (06:09)

    • What are Kinetics? Quiz

    • What Are Kinematics? - (06:44)

    • What are Kinematics? Quiz

    • Breaking Down the Kinetic Chain - (04:20)

    • Breaking Down the Kinetic Chain Quiz

    • Looking at Torque in a Pitch - (04:01)

    • Looking at Torque in the Pitch Quiz

    • Explaining Normalized Throwing Metrics - (05:05)

    • Explaining Normalized Throwing Metrics Quiz

    • A Closer Look at Hip Shoulder Separation - (05:08)

    • A Closer look at Hip/Shoulder Separation Quiz

    • Full Signal Biomechanical Analysis - (11:29)

    • Full Signal Biomechanical Analysis Quiz

  8. 8
    • Energy Flow Introduction

    • How is Energy Flow Related to Velocity?

    • Energy Flow Athlete & Metric Comparison

    • A Closer Look at the Energy Transfer Between the Back and Front Leg in Pitching

    • Does More Energy in the Lower Half Help Transfer Energy up to the Arm?