What's Inside?

It doesn't matter if you're a strength, pitching, or hitting coach. If you are the one who programs your athletes in the weight room, you'll better understand how to meet the needs of a baseball player after taking this course.

  • Understand the principles of periodization
  • Understand how to plan out a yearly training plan so one phase effectively flows into another
  • Exercise breakdowns where coaches identify specific flaws in key exercises
  • Sample programs that coaches can use with their teams
  • An exercises bank full of exercises used in the programs

This course is designed for coaches who work with high school and college athletes. Many coaches at those levels have to wear a number of different hats. Whether they're a strength coach working with multiple sports. Or a baseball coach who also has to cover strength and conditioning. Driveline has experience working with high-level athletes of all ages. This course is meant to teach coaches the fundamental principles of S & C, so they can have a firm understanding of why they make decisions. We also cover the unique needs of baseball players, both hitters, and pitchers. Diving into what considerations do or don't need to be made when creating programs.

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Methods and Beliefs

    • Methods and Beliefs Quiz

    • Anatomy and Physiology

    • The Rotator Cuff, Scapula and UCL

    • Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

    • Intro to Exercise Science

    • Stress and the Baseball Athlete

    • Intro to Exercise Science Quiz

    • Periodization

    • Periodization Quiz

    • Energy Systems & Conditioning

    • Energy Systems and Conditioning

    • Principles of Recovery

    • Principles of Recovery Quiz

  2. 3
    • Assessment and KPI's

    • Range of Motion

    • Assessment and KPI's Quiz

  3. 4
    • The Bondarchuk Pyramid

    • The Bondarchuk Pyramid Quiz

    • Progressions and Regressions

    • Pairing Exercises

    • Programming for a Group Setting

    • Programming Quiz

  4. 5
    • What is a YTP?

    • Phases of a Yearly Training Program

    • How Driveline Plans a Year

    • Yearly Training Plan Quiz

  5. 6
    • The Warm Up

    • The Cool Down

    • Athlete Buy In

    • Warm-Up, Cool Down & Buy In Quiz

  6. 7
    • Introduction to the Coaches Eye

    • The Front Squat

    • The Back Squat

    • The Squat Quiz

    • Lunge Variations

    • Lunge Quiz

    • Conventional Deadlift

    • Romainian Deadlift (RDL)

    • Row

    • Pull Up

    • Jump and Stick

    • Lower Half Quiz

    • Bench Press

    • Push Up

    • Bench Press & Push Up Quiz

  7. 8
    • Creating a Warm Up

    • Creating a Program