What's Inside?

Coaches know that training youth hitters can be a challenge. Hitting is one of the most challenging things to do in sports, and younger players are learning how to move their bodies through growth spurts while balancing time in other sports. Because hitting is difficult, we also need to make sure we appropriately balance a youth player's training time with effective drills that are also fun.

  • Driveline's principles to what we focus on and how we train youth hitters
  • How you can teach approach and swing decisions to youth hitters
  • Different ways that you can work on pitch recognition with younger players
  • Dive into youth bats and how they can affect performance
  • The Pro's and Con's of working with younger players on the tee
  • Principles in how you can manage youth workload as two-way players since nearly all youth players play both ways
  • Learn how we can adjust and work with different mechanical flaws for youth players
  • Deal with issues such as a severe uppercut swing, a chop down swing, and a down and around swing

This mini-course is focused on the basics of youth hitting drills and mechanics. After watching this mini-course, coaches will understand drills they can prescribe to improve a player's swing and principles in organizing a youth hitters training.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Youth Attack Angle: Too High - (03:49)

    • Youth Attack Angle: Too Low - (05:28)

    • Youth Attack Angle Quiz

    • Youth Hitting - Fixing a Down and Around Swing - (06:11)

    • Youth Hitting - Fixing an Arm Dominant Swing - (04:44)

    • Youth Hitting Upper Half Quiz

    • Stepping in the Bucket as a Youth Hitter - (06:04)

    • Youth Hitting Swing Flaws - Striding Across the Body - (05:31)

    • Youth Hitting Lower Half Quiz

    • Youth Low Bat Speed - (09:26)

    • Youth Low Bat Speed Quiz