Youth Pitching Drills and Mechanics

There are a number of questions on how to effectively train youth pitchers. Training should be fun but how do coaches know they're making the right decisions? This mini-course covers what coaches need to know about what they're coaching with their youth players.

In this mini-course we cover

  • What to focus on when coaching youth mechanics, as well as what players will grow out of
  • Can youth players throw plyo balls? Yes, we cover how you can do so effectively and safely
  • Youth pitcher's develop at different speeds, literally, meaning coaches have to know how to handle the hard throwers and the not so hard throwers
  • How to effectively handle players throwing at high intent

Driveline's Youth Pitching mini-course is the perfect resource for anyone looking looking to train youth pitchers. We teach coaches a what to look for in drills in mechanics to help their players.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Teaching Youth Pitchers Reverse Throws - (01:33)

    • Teaching Youth Pitchers Pivot Pickoffs - (02:14)

    • Teaching Youth Pitchers Roll Ins - (02:15)

    • Teaching Youth Pitchers Rocker Throws - (01:36)

    • Teaching Youth Pitchers Walking Wind Ups - (02:06)

  2. 2
    • Youth High Intent Throws - (06:08)

    • Youth High Output Throws - (07:51)

  3. 3
    • Transitioning from HTKCY to HTKC