What's Inside?

This course helps parents understand how to take Driveline's throwing and pitching principles and make them scale to a team setting—bridging the gap from a parent being able to work with their son or daughter to work with a youth team.

  • Learn the basics of planning practice for both hitting and pitching
  • Learn games that you can play with your team, even when you have less than an entire team of players at practice.
  • See how you can monitor a player's intent level when they are pitching.
  • See how you can plan out an entire season across playing time, figuring out when you can push your players to learn a new position.
  • See how collecting data, no matter how small, can help keep your players engaged and motivated.
  • See how you can tweak practices to make them effective in-season
  • Youth players should play multiple positions in the field, and coaches can learn how to manage and scale our playing time system.
  • Learn an essential pregame warm-up you can institute with your team.
  • Learn the fundamental issues and fixes that we often see with youth players when using bands and wrist weights

This mini-course will help coaches and parents understand how they can put Driveline's training principles to use in a youth training setting. Coaches and parents will be better equipped to plan and execute both individual practice and weeks of practices at a time.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Youth Baseball Practice Design for Throwing - (10:07)

    • Youth Baseball Practice Design for Hitting - (9:11)

    • Rethinking Little League Hitting Games - (07:03)

    • Youth Shorthand Games - (08:58)

    • Youth Pitching Games and Intent - (15:57)

    • Data Collection for Youth Players - (13:45)

    • Data Collection for Youth Players Quiz

  2. 2
    • Planning out a Season - (15:32)

    • Planning out a Season Quiz

    • Using Data in Season With Youth Players - (14:01)

    • Youth In-Season Pitching Practice - (11:05)

    • Youth In Season Hitting Practice - (12:07)

    • Youth In-Season Hitting Practice Quiz

  3. 3
    • Youth Position Specialization - (10:00)

    • Youth Position Specialization

  4. 4
    • Youth Strength Work in Practice - (04:59)

    • Youth Home Gym - (07:19)

  5. 5
    • Youth Pregame Team Warm-up - (11:49)

    • Youth Postgame Recovery - (03:37)

    • Youth Common Issues: Bands and Wrist Weights - (06:56)

  6. 6
    • Pitching Game for Velocity and Command: Levels

    • Hitting Game for Approach and Power: Kill the King

    • Strength Game for Power: Medicine Ball Volleyball